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    • Joy Ike - Good Morning

    • joy ike

      client: Joy Ike
      album: Good Morning
      location: Pittsburgh, PA
    • sample tracks

      City Lights mp3 | aif
      Alone mp3 | aif
      Remember mp3 | aif
    • project details

      After releasing a stripped-down debut EP, Joy knew she wanted to do something a lot bigger for her first full-length. We helped Joy take songs for solo piano and voice and turn them into fully-orchestrated tracks with a mix of live and electronic bass, live drums, loops, and string overdubs, helping her to bring out some of the soul/R+B vibe she was looking for.

    • Aridne - Perpetual Retrospective Perspective

    • aridne

      client: Aridne
      album: Perpetual Retrospective Perspective
      location: Pittsburgh, PA
    • sample tracks

      Arms mp3 | aif
      Autumn Song mp3 | aif
      Nothing mp3 | aif
      MFS mp3 | aif
      Wooden Bridge mp3 | aif
      Two mp3 | aif
      August mp3 | aif
      Sphere mp3 | aif
      Henrietta's Lullaby pt.1 mp3 | aif
      Henrietta's Lullaby pt.2 mp3 | aif
      The Things I Say mp3 | aif
      Songs mp3 | aif
    • project details

      Aridne is our personal project, and the reason we founded Shrine Audio. After several disappointing experiences in other studios we decided that Perpetual Retrospective Perspective would only succeed if we produced and engineered it ourselves. Aridne's music is complex and multi-layered, and attaining just the right balance of all the elements in each song was the main difficulty we faced.

      We took a stripped-down approach to the album's production, relying on close-miked, dry sounds that left more space in the mix. Acoustic guitars were generally miked from two or three different positions, to capture to fullest range of the instrument's sound. Bass was recorded direct, and vocals and drums performed in a dead room with no reverb. The result is an album with a lot of sonic detail—something which would not have been possible if we had stuck to the modern rock conventions of big, reverbed sounds and hyped-up high frequencies. This production style is definitely not appropriate for every band. But with it we achieved the more intimate jazz/classic rock sound that we were looking for.

    • Erich Mace - Arise

    • erich mace

      client: Erich Mace
      album: Arise
      location: Philadelphia, PA
    • sample tracks

      One Day Won mp3 | aif
      Float mp3 | aif
    • project details

      Erich Mace came to Shrine Audio with a very clear idea of what he wanted to do. With the exception of a few drum overdubs, he performed all the instruments and vocals himself. The challenge with Erich's music was to bring out the inherent energy and life in his songs without allowing the production to dominate the listening experience.

    • Nadina - Fallen Paper Towels

    • nadina

      client: Nadina
      album: Fallen Paper Towels
      location: Pittsburgh, PA
    • sample tracks

      Four Hours mp3 | aif
      Paper Towels mp3 | aif
    • project details

      Nadina came to Shrine Audio with only her voice and her Irish harp. This miminal setup required an opposite approach from Aridne—we needed to fill the space effectively while maintaining the simple, natural sound that her songs demanded.

    • Separate By Miles - The Regret's I've Known

    • separate by miles

      client: Separate By Miles
      album: The Regrets I've Known
      location: Grand Rapids, MI
    • sample tracks

      Not Enough mp3 | aif
      Normal Room mp3 | aif
    • project details

      Troy Greer had an EP's-worth of acoustic songs for guitar and voice. We worked with him to flesh out full arrangements, adding bass, drums, backing guitars and vocal harmonies, and even some horn overdubs. Troy was incredibly pleased with the outcome. We were able to deliver an album to him that brought life to his songs in a way that he hadn't expected.

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Nonsemble is a musical collective based in Pittsburgh, fronted by the talented Nadina Bembic on piano, vocals, and electric harp. Her current band is a sextet including marimba, violin, cello, bass and drums, and has been playing a unique blend of jazz, classical, singer-songwriter and folk around Pittsburgh and the surrounding area for the last year.

Nadina released her solo EP, Fallen Paper Towels, with Shrine Audio in 2006, and was so pleased she has decided to come back to record her full-length album with the Cube. Look for the album in early 2009.

Shrine Audio is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based audio recording and production company. We provide audio recording, mixing, editing and mastering services.

If you are a solo artist looking for instrumental orchestration for your recording session, we can work with you to write, arrange and perform backing parts that are appropriate to your music and produced in a style that gives your songs the most impact. We provide drums, percussion, guitar, banjo, bass, and horns in-house. If you require something more exotic we'll connect you with a large network of talented musicians who can supply exactly what you're looking for.

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